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July 2014 Portfolio Outlook

The end of June, as the halfway point, is a good time to stop and reevaluate the assumptions you brought into the year.   You should ask yourself: Are your strategies still working, and if they are not, what is your game plan for the second half of the year? So with that in mind, […]

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June 2014 Portfolio Outlook

May was a good month for Sizemore Capital’s portfolios.  I made modest portfolio adjustments in my Dividend Growth and Tactical ETF models, but otherwise I am content to let our basic strategies for 2014 play themselves out.  I expect to see dividend-focused equities continue their outperformance relative to the broader market, and I expect to […]

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May 2014 Portfolio Outlook

As we fast approach the summer months, one point about 2014 is abundantly clear: This is a very different kind of market than 2013.  Investors have become far more cautious and are giving far more scrutiny to earnings outlooks.  This is unquestionably a good thing. While monster rally years like 2013 are fun, expectations had […]

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April 2014 Portfolio Outlook

With one quarter down, 2014 is getting off to a slow start with the S&P 500 up 1.3%.  But under the surface, we appear to have the beginnings of a major rotation underway.  The momentum stocks that led the market throughout 2013 and the first two months of 2014—social media and new technology stocks such […]

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February 2014 Portfolio Outlook

Last month, I laid out my basic investment strategy for 2014: 1.     I am overweight Europe and emerging markets. 2.     I am overweight dividend-paying U.S. equities. 3.     I am underweight non-dividend-paying U.S. equities. With one month down, dividend-paying stocks are performing quite well relative to the broader market.  My Dividend Growth model is essentially flat […]

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January 2014 Portfolio Outlook

I’d like to start this month with an announcement:  My stock—German automaker Daimler (DDAIF)—was the winner in InvestorPlace’s Best Stocks of 2013 contest with total returns including dividends of 65%.  Daimler is currently the largest holding in my Sizemore Global Macro portfolio at Covestor. This year, in the Best Stocks of 2014, I chose African […]

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Covestor Manager Comments September 2013

All returns data reflect the performance of Covestor models and come directly from  Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Note to Chairman Bernanke: Taper or don’t taper, but whatever you’re going to do, do it already so we can get on with our lives. The Fed’s indecision regarding its plans for its […]

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2013 Second Quarter Investment Outlook and Commentary

The second quarter gave us quite the thrill.  I’m calling it “The Great Bernanke Scare of 2013.” After a monster first-quarter rally in income-paying securities, comments from the Fed Chairman that he might—just might—taper quantitative easing by early next year led to the worst correction in bonds, MLPs, REITs and other “income focused” investments in […]

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Sizemore Capital February 2013 Model Commentary

2013 had one of the best Januaries in recent history, only to hit a rough patch in the first week of February.  Though the markets were due for a breather, events in Europe were the trigger. The two European countries most likely to cause the next phase of eurocrisis—Italy and Spain—both had potentially destabilizing political […]

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Fourth Quarter 2012 Letter to Investors

You can breathe now.  2012 has passed, and the world didn’t end.  And in fact, 2012 proved to be an excellent year for Sizemore Capital investors.  I am proud to announce that all of our model portfolios ended the year positive, and three of the four matched or outperformed the S&P 500. In another year […]

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