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Review: DIY Financial Advisor

It’s probably bad form of me to slander my own profession, but sometimes it is roundly deserved. So today, I’m going to share some of the insights of Wesley Gray, Jack Vogel and David Foulke in their 2015 book DIY Financial Advisor. “DIY” stands for do it yourself, of course. And that’s what Gray and […]

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The 10 Investing Books You Should Be Reading This Summer

In honor of National Book Lovers Day this coming Saturday, Covestor put together a “top ten” list of books on investing, business and finance — as shared by portfolio managers on Covestor and members of the Covestor senior management team. My recommendation–which is more appropriate now than ever given the recent market volatility–was The Art of […]

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What to Read: Best Books for the Beginner Investor

How do I educate myself as an investor? This is one of the most common questions I get from readers, and it’s easily the most important.  I’ll share some of my favorite investing books in a moment.  But first things first. There is no substitute for experience. As in absolutely none.  Having your own money […]

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Review: Steve Forbes’ Money

If you want to understand how Steve Forbes feels about money, you need look no further than the dedication page of his new book by that name: Money: How the Destruction of the Dollar Threatens the Global Economy – and What We Can Do About It “In remembrance of Alexander Hamilton, our first Secretary of […]

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Review: Meb Faber’s Global Value

How does an investment manager reconcile all of the various prognostications he hears on a daily basis? Simple—ignore them. —Meb Faber, Global Value If you’ve never heard of Cambria Investment Management’s Meb Faber, then you have some serious catching up to do.  I consider Faber one of the most innovative strategists in the business today, […]

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